Apple’s iPad Pro is now available in India

Remember the iPad Pro? It’s Apple’s monster 12.9-inch tablet that also transforms into a kind-of-sort-of laptop with an optional bluetooth keyboard.


That monster is making its way to India this week. And the good news is that it only costs slightly more than the iPhone 6S.

According to The Quint and Gadgets 360, which both cite independent sources within Apple, the iPad Pro will start at Rs. 67,900 for the WiFi-only 32GB version and go all the way up to Rs. 91,900 for the 128GB version with built-in cellular. As a point of comparison, the 16GB iPhone 6S costs Rs. 62,000 in India.Keep in mind, though, that these prices are just for the iPad Pro. Apple sells the keyboard for an additional $169 in the US, which is just over Rs. 11,000. It also sells a $99 stylus called the Apple Pencil, which, we think you should buy if you’re serious about getting this thing.

That brings the effective starting price of the iPad Pro to about Rs. 85,000 — monster pricing for a monster tablet.

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