You can finally backup your WhatsApp messages on Android to Google Drive

Backing up your WhatsApp messaging history on an Android phone was a painful, multi-step process that involved connecting your phone to your computer and manually messing around with the WhatsApp folder in the phone’s memory.

All that’s history. If you use WhatsApp on Android, here’s some news that should make you really happy: you will soon be able to back up all your WhatsApp messages, pictures, videos and voice notes to Google Drive. This is similar to WhatsApp on iPhone, which backs itself up to iCloud.

WhatsApp and Google announced the partnership on their respective blogs.

There don’t seem to be any file-size limits to the backup, and since WhatsApp encyrpts every piece of content that it sends and receives, you can rest assured that Google won’t be able to read anything, and, you know, serve you ads.

The feature is rolling out over the next few months, so if you don’t have it already, hang in there and try not to lose your phone or something till you’re done backing up your WhatsApp.

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