Facebook Messenger now reminds you to share photos with your friends

December is a busy month for almost everyone. Multiple gatherings to attend and even more photos to take. Only if you could distribute them before you’re swamped with request to share them. Facebook has a solution with a new feature in Messenger called Photo Magic.


When you take a photo with your friends in the app, it matches their faces in the photograph to your Facebook friends list. Once matched, sharing it is a tap away. Messenger creates a group threat to send and receive the photos on.

You can turn the feature on in the Photos & Media section of the Messenger app’s settings. If you don’t see a Photo Magic option there, try updating the app.

Introducing the feature on their blog, Facebook wrote, “Today we are making Photo Magic, which has been in testing for the last month, available to more people. Photo sharing in Messenger is growing at a fast rate. In fact, more than 9.5 billion photos are sent in Messenger each month alone. But there is still a lot of friction in sending the photos you take to your friends who are in them. Now in Messenger, after you take a picture of a friend or group of friends, if you want to, we’ll help you send it immediately. Photo Magic will help you keep your promise to send the pictures you take without forgetting, or worse, leaving someone out. Also, we know there are times when you want to share photos privately, and Photo Magic makes it effortless to do so while still keeping you in complete control. So at a time of the year when more photos are taken than any other (last year Messenger saw hundreds of millions of photo sends on New Year’s Eve), we’re making it simple for you to share those happy moments.”

In addition to the photo-sharing abilities, Messenger’s also become more customisable with colour, emoji and even nicknames you can assign to a contact you’re chatting with for a unique chatroom for everyone.

Another easter egg that Facebook added to the Messenger is snowing. When you send a snow related sticker or emoji in a chat, digital snow will fall on both of your screens. And if you’re north of the equator, your chat head will appear to be a snow globe to others for now. The snow globe will be replaced by confetti globe as we move closer to the 2016.

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