2015’s ‘Biggest’ Facebook Posts

Facebook users love actor Vin Diesel.

According to social media monitoring firm CrowdTangle, which published a Top 10 list of what it called the “biggest” stories on Facebook for 2015, two of the actor’s posts made the list.

While you might expect the list to be dominated by big news stories such as the Paris terror attacks or Donald Trump, CrowdTangle said “lifestyle issues reign supreme.”

Screenshot (110)

Their list includes recipes, inspirational stories, dancing, singing and parenting. One thing they all have in common? All 10 are either videos or photos.


Vin Diesel’s cover photo of him with a dog garnered 7,332,876 likes, putting it at No. 7 on the list. At the No. 5 spot, another photo of Diesel with a baby had 7.9 million likes.

The top spot went to a photo of a child who apparently beat cancer.

CrowdTangle said it made the rankings based on the number of likes, shares and comments over the “hundreds of thousands” of accounts the firm monitors.


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