Now a bra that pushes to work out harder

Well we just deciphered that 2015 was not the year of the wearables but who says 2016 cannot be.

Here is another quirky wearable that pushes you to work harder and guess what, it is a bra.

A Canadian company called OmSignal has recently showcased their smart bra called OmBra that helps women log and monitor vital stats like heart rate, breathing rate, and calories burned over the course of a workout.


The sensors are built in a small little black box at the lower band of the bra and settles right next to the rib cage. The company has also developed an app that can monitor activities or workouts. The box monitors the workouts and wirelessly transmits data such as distance traversed, breathing rates and fatigue levels.

The app also lways the user to see real-time readouts of metrics during a workout, and it even delivers post-workout analytics to help the wearer identify weak points and possibly hit peak performance the next time around.

The bra, which is rechargeable, can last upto 10 workouts or rather a full day. It is also splash-proof and comes with adjustable bands and straps that helps it conform to just about any body shape. It retails for around $150 (approx. Rs 9,975.)

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