Amazon Echo to help people get in shape

We have all heard about the benefits of exercise. In fact, we all aim for a healthy living which means more energy, better mood, weight loss and stronger bones. We often depend on personal trainers in the gym to get in shape, but what if a device helps you in work out.

Yes , you heard it right, Amazon, the American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, has launched Echo personal assistant (powered by Alexa) with new features which will help an individual in the work out. For instance, he or she will be provided with ‘a set of exercises designed to increase metabolism, improve energy, lower stress and remove fat’.

According to The Verge, the Amazon said in a statement: “We can’t help but wonder how helpful workouts by voice command will be, but maybe we shouldn’t judge until we try it out ourselves.”

Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker and voice command device from The device consists of a 9.25-inch (23.5 cm) tall cylinder speaker with a seven-piece microphone array. The device responds to the name “Alexa”; this “wake word” can be changed by the user (to one other choice at present: “Amazon”).

The device will cost $99 for Amazon Prime members (for a limited time) and $199 for the rest.

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