R2-D2 rolls out of Haier’s plant but as a fridge

R2-D2 is using its wheels again but it is not trying to help locate his Master Luke as in the latest Star Wars movie.

It is actually rolling out of Haier’s manufacturing plant. The Chinese electronics and appliance maker is all set to showcase its new 1:1-scale R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas.

Haier has managed to created a detailed replcia of the so-called Android Bot and the unit boasts of movie-accurate light and sound effects. It also comes with the built-in projector that can stream content from any Android device which means iPhones or iPads are not compatible.


In terms of the refrigeration unit, the Chinese manufacturer has built in an internal capacity of approximately six liters which might be enough space to fit about six cans of any drink.

According to Haier, each R2-D2 fridge will be made to order, and will come with a serial number and certificate of authenticity, making it a collector’s item for any serious Star Wars ultra-fan.

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