The new, wild and weird tech at CES 2016

Geeks, gadgets and weird stuff — that’s CES in a nutshell. Here are our favourites from the show.


Griffin, the electronics accessories manufacturer, wants to be your go to preference for charging everything from phones, laptops and wearables. Their BreakSafe plugs into any USB C port leaving its magnetic end to protrude. The accompanying cable has a magnet of opposite polarity and clips onto the external plug like the MagSafe connector does with the MacBook’s charging port.


For those not happy with the Apple Watch’s battery, Griffin has a keychain for you. This ordinary block-looking device can hold 800 mAh of juice and charges the Apple Watch to full capacity for just $70.


Planning to buy a GoPro? Clip-a-phone argues otherwise. Available in red, white or black, the mount clips your phone firmly to the cap or hat on your head. That means whatever you see, your phone does too. The bluetooth remote then lets you click picture without having to even touch the phone. The clip-on works with both iOS and Android devices and costs just $20.


Drone maker Parrot wants you to be a better parent. At least to the plants at home. Them dying of cold isn’t going to be a valid excuse for much longer, considering that theParrot Pot sends notifications to your phone about the acidity levels, moisture and simple instructions to keep the plant alive and healthy. You can also fill the reservoir in the pot that can water the plant when necessary.


To be available in June, the GoBe 1.2 by company Healbe claims that the wearable will keep a more accurate count on calories by measuring the glucose levels flowing in one’s cells using a set of three sensors and thus will not need to estimate the amount of energy spent. It will also track your movements. The smartphone app that it pairs with will give you all the details of necessary exercise, diet or water intake.


Prizm on the other hand will take care of your soul by making listening to music much easier. Plug it into any speaker and it promises to play the music everyone in the room will like. And if it plays a song that you would like to go back to at some point, tap on the heart. You can also remove a song from the playlist by tapping on the cross.


Imagine if you could be woken up by the alluring aroma of coffee or the relaxing smell of petrichor instead of the jarring sound of a foghorn alarm. For $89, the Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock tingles your sense of smell rather than hearing. You can choose from the smell of the sea, jungle, or of food items like croissant, espresso, chocolate and mint.


A caterpillar has to be the weirdest way to teach a kid how to code. The complete details about the toy’s release will be announced at Toy Fair 2016, but the lit up caterpillar looks a bit creepy with that perpetual smile on its face.


Looking for a new gym? Why not lift weights at home? Bowflex’s ST560 adjustable smart dumbbells have a built-in accelerometer. That means, the dumbbells keep a count of the amount of exercise you’re getting done. You also get guidance on whether you’re doing the repetitions right. The app also has built-in instructional videos and instructions, doing away with the need of a trainer.

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