Nikon takes on GoPro with action camera that shoots VR videos

_6ad50a7e-b504-11e5-9ceb-2d30c6caf0eaA new family of action cameras is coming soon from Nikon. KeyMission360 is the first of the family to be revealed. It shoots in 4k and 360 degrees. And with YouTube addingsupport for VR videos, Nikon’s timing couldn’t have been better.

The VR action camera from Nikon doesn’t just take a jab at GoPro’s market but also Ricoh and 360fly that shoot 360 degree VR videos. The Verge reports that the KM360 from Nikon isn’t as great as the GoPro in terms of quality but much better than it’s direct competition, Ricoh and 360fly when it comes to shooting VR videos. Here’s a video compilation from the camera.

There is no word on price or availability of the device, but photos of the device reveal enough details about the device to get excited. The 4k camera shoots VR videos, fits in the palm and supports NFC, bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity. It’s also waterproof and shockproof.

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