Messaging gets interactive with ‘magic words’ in Peach app

Peach, a new messaging app, lets you find your friends and upload GIFs, photos and status updates in your news feed using “magic words”.

Available on Apple store, the app looks like Twitter, Slack, and Instagram, and is created by founder of Vine — a short-form video sharing service — Tech Crunch reported on Saturday.

“Peach is a refreshingly fun and simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself. Share tiny updates as you go through your day. Posting is as easy as texting ‘with a twist’,” the app’s description read on Apple store.

Peach stands out as it allows users to use “magic words” to summon certain commands to appear in their status updates and share pictures, GIF (looping photos), videos, weather, current location, to name a few.

For example, you can type “GIF” and then you are prompted to find and share a GIF image.

Similarly, when a user types “Draw” he can actually draw a doodle or sketch to share it. You can type “song” to share whatever is playing right now on your phone.

Also, all the updates are posted on “home” — similar to a Facebook wall where people can “like” or comment on your posts.

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