Microsoft will drop support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 from today

Internet Explorer won’t suddenly stop working from January 12. It means that you simply won’t receive any security updates or bug fixes any longer. (Microsoft)

If you’re still using Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, it’s time to move on. On January 12, Microsoft will end support for all these versions of its browser.

That doesn’t mean that Internet Explorer will suddenly stop working for you from January 12. It means that you simply won’t receive any security updates or bug fixes any longer. That may not sound like a big deal — but it is. Without these patches, you are more vulnerable to hackers and security breaches.

Microsoft has announced that it will deliver a final patch to these versions of Internet Explorer on January 12, which will deliver an ‘End of Life’ notification — essentially a warning that tells you that your version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported and that you should switch to the latest version as soon as possible.

That version, by the way, is Internet Explorer 11. But recently, Microsoft also released a brand new browser called Edge, which comes bundled in with Windows 10, the company’s latest operating system that is available free of charge to users on Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft’s ‘End of Life’ notification will also encourage users to switch to Edge (and thus Windows 10), which is what you should do in any case if you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer or an older version of Windows.

Microsoft had first announced that it would be pulling the plug on older versions of Internet Explorer in August 2014, so users have had plenty of notice period. Most consumers have moved on, but Microsoft’s real problem in this case is enterprises, which cling on to legacy versions of Windows and Internet Explorer for specific workplace requirements.

Internet Explorer has seen a sharp dip in its usage from its position as the world’s most-used browser in 2008. Google’s Chrome browser is now the world’s most popular browser with 67.4% share globally.

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